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Stephen Wood is a composer, educator, performer, and naturalist with a holistic view of the world.

New CD Release!! 

Cumberland Island Piano Suite

Live piano performances by Wilderness Composer Stephen Wood  Listen HERE!  

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The Cumberland Island Piano Suite is in honor of the National Park Service’s phenomenal work preserving the wild character and cultural history of Cumberland Island National Seashore.  This piano suite was composed for the 2016 CUIS Artist Residency in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of National Park Service. 

Each song portrays a unique element of Cumberland’s diverse ecosystem and human history. Cumberland Island is a magical place filled with wild dunes, vast beaches, diverse wetlands, maritime forest, and rich human culture.  The history of Cumberland Island as we know it is filled with struggle, compromise, and beauty.  During my time on the island as Artist in Resident I felt optimistic energy deep in the earth. 

The spirit of the island lives on her own time helping the dunes stay wild, the forest undeveloped, and a seashore with gentle refuge for turtles. 

Digital Album and Score Packages   

Digital Album: $10 digital tracks (mp3), score cover, and programs notes.

Piano Score: $15 full score (pdf) with all sheet music, cover, program notes, and song photos..

Autographed Bound Score: $32 – Own the score that is on permanent display at Plum Orchard for public performance. Autographed by Stephen Wood. Printed to order. (includes shipping) 

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Music Inspired by Wilderness!


“Composer Stephen Wood, who is also a naturalist by avocation, has reflected his residency in wild unspoilt places in an engaging and admirable divertimento entitled Untrammeled.”

– Karl Henning, EarRelevant

The compositions on Untrammeled are inspired by federally designated Wilderness areas where Stephen has explored and been Artist in Resident. Each composition highlights a specific quality, feature, or story the inspirational Wilderness area has to offer the world. Listen to samples of the Wilderness compositions below

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Physical CD – $20 Includes full cover display of photos from Wilderness Artist Residencies in the Okefenokee and Gates of the Arctic Wilderness Areas.  

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“Natural Sounds and Night Skies”  World Premiere!! 

I’m very excited to be sharing this new composition with you!  The preservation of Natural Sounds and Night Skies is near and dear to my heart.  The lack of human intrusion is never more pronounced when only the sound of crickets, frogs, wolves, and wind dominate the landscape and the sky is overwhelmed with stars, planets, northern lights, and the great Milky Way.  This piece is in honor of not just the remaining existence of natural soundscape and stellar sky scapes, but also to the people whose dedicate themselves to preserving those realms – the Natural Sounds and Night Skies Division of the National Park Service. 

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Stephen Wood’s music is created from his connection to our living world – it inspires a feeling of connectedness to the listener.
Tauna Pierce, Driftwood Chronicle