This is the setup I had while composing of set for Atlanta's 2013 48 hour film festival.


Spear Fishing Adventure – Long Bay, Jamaica

Video and Music created during a snorkeling adventure in Long Bay.  November 24, 2018


A science-fiction liturgy and pilgrimage to the Agion Oros – Mt. Athos, Greece.

Video, text and field recordings by Jeff Wood.

Original score, Yawning of the River, by Stephen Wood.



“Accidental Dating”

Stephen Wood Music provided incidental music for the first scene in “Accidental Dating”.

“Accidental Dating” is a short independent film produced in Atlanta, GA by HoneyPot Films


“The Case of the Mistaken Murder”

As part of Atlanta’s 48 hour Film Festival, Stephen Wood Music scored HoneyPot Films’ production “The Case of the Mistaken Murder”.  This link is to the Movie Trailer.  The incidental music was provided by Stephen Wood Music.