Pierrot Ensemble
String Quartet
String Trio
Piano Trio
Mixed Ensemble


Symphony Orchestra

Absaroka: Where Crows Sing of Wildflower Love and Grizzly Queens (9:14) 2019
A Wilderness Dream (9:40) 2017
Red River Symphony (6:22) 2016 (featuring: Piano accompaniment and solos)

String Orchestra

Teklanika: an emerald from Cantwell (7:06) 2015
Pentagon Cabin a suite for string orchestra (9:10) 2015 (middle school string orchestra)
I. The Great Wall
II. Elegant Elk
III. Pentagon Peak
Sawmill Gulch (2:47) 2016 (middle school string orchestra)

Pierrot Ensemble

Sound Ecology (18:31) 2019
I. Natural Sounds and Nights Skies (4:55) 2016
II. Apalchicola (6:50) 2018
III. You are Owling (6:51) 20199

String Quartet

The Gladie Suite (12:33) 2016
I. Gladie Cabin
II. Sandstone
III. The Little Ones
IV. The Clifty Wilderness
King Fisher: for the gentle giant of the North (4:39) 2008

original instruments: vln, vla, vcl, bs

arrangement: standard quartet

Kalmi Latifloria (3:48) 2018
Composed as a wedding gift for my wife – Lauren.
Kalmi Latifloria is the latin name for the Mountain Laurel.
A most beautiful flowering Appalachian tree.

String Quintet

Viola sororia: the birth flower of February (8:29) 2013
original instruments: string quintet (vln (2), vla, vcl, bs)
arrangement: standard quartet
Two movements 2002 (12:03)

String Trio (with featured woodwind)

An Evening on Chase Prairie (4:57) 2014
Diamorpha smallii: a granite phenomenon (6:19) 2013
String Trio for Dance (14:46) 2004

Piano Trio (vln, cl, pn)

The Chattooga (5:00) 2018
Nantahala (4:22) 2016



Clarinet Trio

Drosera: the morning dew of the sun (6:10) 2014

Woodwind Quartet

Roadless (5:28) 2015
The Shy Maiden: a single delight, moneses uniflora (5:56) 2013
Yawning of the River for the depths and braids of the Yukon (5:28)

Woodwind Sextet

Digital Transgressions (8:19) 2002

original instruments: fl, ob, eh, Bb cl, b. cl, bsn

I. cellutricity (3:32)
II. a lost land (4:47)

Mixed Ensemble

Untrammeled: a point of view from Slaven’s bluff (6:06) 2014
original instruments: afl, vln, bass, glockenspiel, and ride cymbal.

The Plains of Murie (6:21) 2017
original instruments: string quartet and percussion.
arrangement: vln, (2), vla, b.cl.

Dabae and the River Beauty (8:24) 2013
Variations on the Theme of Alicia (9:08) 2009


Celestial Seasons (17:06) 2015/2016 – cello
I. a spring thaw
II. a mid summer’s day
III. a fall change
IV. winter stillness
Elegy for the Earth (9:35) 2012 – viola
Cumberland Piano Suite 2017 – elementary/intermediate piano
I. Cumberland Queen
II. Dungeness
III. A Palmetto Morning
IV. Mysterious Willow
V. Turtle Island
VI. Plum Orchard
VII. Whitney Lake
VIII. Wild Dunes
IX. Loggerhead
X. The Joy of Manatee
Schroeder’s Delimma (2:54) 2014 – toy piano/piano