A multi-sensory event where music is the catalyst to illuminate the Wilderness Act’s gift of natural and cultural preservation

In order to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the “Wilderness Act of 1964” I am facilitating and participating in a musical and artistic performance series collaborating with Atlanta’s local green spaces, public parks, environmental centers, and Georgia’s regional Wilderness Areas.  Following an outline of Performance, Hands-on Experimental Education, and Service the Wilderness Act Performance Series is intended to actively engage a public awareness of the Wilderness Act’s environmental importance.

Artist-Wilderness Connections will be developed through collaborations between the featured parks, environmental centers, and Wilderness Areas and Atlanta’s regional composers, musicians, and artists.  Each collaboration will culminate with a Public Performance at each hosting venue.

The goal of the artistic creation is to elaborate on each park’s unique inherent qualities.  Creative inspiration is to be realized through Hands-on educational experiences between the artist and park employees, scientists, and existing programs or workshops.  Further creative development will be embodied by the artist’s personal explorations and reflections of the park.  Each featured performance is encouraged to be a part of an existing public event, workshop, or Service day in order to heighten a public awareness towards what each park offers the Atlanta community throughout the calendar year.