Film Composing Reels, Soundtracks and Playlists

Stephen Wood is an Atlanta based film composer who thrives in helping a Director achieve their creative vision. An open holistic approach to creating a score allows for Stephen’s music to meet a film’s individual story and personality. Stephen’s musical language is an immersion of experience in symphonic orchestration; jazz, funk, rhythmic feelings; Americana spirit; and electronic soundscape. This musical conglomerate is what allows a film score by Stephen Wood to uniquely emphasize a Director’s creative vision.

2019 FilmScore Reel – shorts, trailers and scenes

“Kung Pao Corpse” – Trailer, horror/comedy short film

Live Instrumental Themes

As a Composer I have a passion and skill creating live instrumental themes.   Partnering with Atlanta’s premiere recording studio Two|Twelve Recorders I am able to provide the highest Film ready live instrumental tracks.  


“Old Bones”  – Short Film, spy & espionage comedy by Good Dog Productions 


“The Palace of Memories” – Short Film, sci-fi thriller

“Kung Pao Corpse” – horror/comedy short film soundtrack

Electronic Groove Samples

I love composing with electronic sounds.  Using synths to create new sounds for specific scenes and themes allows me to create a new individual voice specifically for your film.  

Live Acid Jazz Groove Soundtracks

Archio – a short featured art film

A science-fiction liturgy and pilgrimage to the Agion Oros – Mt. Athos, Greece.

Video, text and field recordings by Jeff Wood.

Original score, Yawning of the River, by Stephen Wood.

Personal Adventure Videos 

Video and Music created during a snorkeling adventure in Long Bay, Jamaica

“Accidental Dating”

Stephen Wood Music provided incidental piano music for the first scene in “Accidental Dating”.

“Accidental Dating” is a short independent film produced in Atlanta, GA by HoneyPot Films


“The Case of the Mistaken Murder”

As part of Atlanta’s 48 hour Film Festival, Stephen Wood Music scored HoneyPot Films’ production “The Case of the Mistaken Murder”. 





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