As a jazz composer, Stephen engages the entire ensemble in conversation. The musical playing field is opened for individual expression with an awareness of the ensemble through orchestration, developed formal structures, and spacial improvisation.

Wilderness Society

Stephen Wood’s Newest Exploration in Wilderness-Artist Connections!!!

Inspired by the scientific theory of Acoustic Niche Hypothesis, The “Wilderness Society” explores the sounds of Urban Wilderness by performing graphic scores representing sonic timelines.


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Evening There is a moment leading up to Dusk when sentient beings seem to emanate the tensions of the sun leaving the sky!  A crescendo of song, movement, and tension suddenly condenses in the singular sounds of night – Insects!!
Pavement – concrete, asphalt, tar, gravel, rock, dirt….All travelled over by rubber with a constant monotonous rhythm.
The Weed Eaters – Human society has a strange incurable obsession with Weeds!  The incessant groove in the air from blowers and weed eaters is about us with out concern.
Urgency – “Humanity has come to a crossroads where we can either destroy the world, or we can create a good future. At this time, there is tremendous doubt regarding the inherent goodness and worthiness of our species. If we draw the conclusion that humanity is not inherently good—that we do not possess inherent wisdom—then what hope can the future possibly hold? In that case, it seems inevitable that the forces of fear and doubt will escalate, creating an internal environment that is detrimental to the human mind and heart, as well as to the external environment.” – Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche


Chlorophyll: A Naturalist’s Quartet

COMING SOON!! DEBUT CD RELEASE on BeHip Records!  Spring of 2014!


Chlorophyll: A Naturalist’s Quartet is dedicated to the performance of music inspired by meditations on Plant Life, Earth’s Natural Processes, and our Human Relationship to our Environment.

Radiation and magnetic fields extend from all forms of life producing an energetic quality unique to their species. By understanding and absorbing these qualities, allowance is made to produce musical colors in relation to the unique personalities of environmental beings. As we receive happiness and joy from the aroma of a rose and the sight of a sunflower, we also absorb vibrations produced by those qualities. Vibrations are atomic waves of energy felt, heard, and in extreme cases, visualized by sentient beings. A sound wave is an energetic vibration with pitch, volume, attack, and decay. Energy is a mystical existence that produces vibrations of sustenance essential to all forms of life. Plants are living beings who receive energy, transform energy, produce energy, grow, move, live, and die.

As animals of ego and logic, human beings have developed to a state of extreme disconnect and apathy towards plants as sentient beings, not only as singularly responsible for our total existence, but as brothers sharing life on Earth. Through musical composition inspired by wilderness areas and natural processes, Chlorophyll wishes to participate in a re-ignition of a once existing compassionate awareness between humans and plants.

The Stephen Wood Ensemble: Inaudible

“Inaudible” is an impressive full-length record featuring an orchestrated nonet masterfully improvising over Stephen Wood’s evocative compositions.
Wood’s strengths lie in his versatility, attention to nuance, and thorough understanding of many styles and genres – from the classical to contemporary.


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Shadow Man
Solitude: A Sweet Absence of Looks
The Stephen Wood Ensemble Good Times, Great Music in Columbus, Ohio!!

The Stephen Wood Ensemble Good Times, Great Music in Columbus, Ohio!!


“Hippies beware, and warier still be ye swingsters and fusionites. Postal is here to rescue us from the madness of anachronism, notalgia, and futurism.
Unlike most Hammond-keyed orchestras, Postal is neither an evangelical Big Top circus front, nor a …..”


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The Meeting
Roll It
Direction: Hyperthecosmos
Direction: Expiremental Fantasy
Direction: Theory of Chaconne
Inside Out
Po’ Boy
Lyle’s Way