Symphony Orchestra

A Wilderness Dream                                               The Fox and the Snow Owl


String Orchestra

Teklanika: an emerald from Cantwell       

                                Teklanika: an emerald from Cantwell





Pentagon Cabin – grade 3           Sawmill Gulch – grade 2/3

Suite for orchestra – 3 mvmts. 

Pentagon Cabin                 Sawmill Gulch


The Plains of Murie for string quartet and percussion

Cumberland Island Piano Suite for intermediate piano students

The Gladie Suite for string quartet


The Gladie Suite

Untrammeled: a point of view from Slaven’s bluff for alto flute, violin, bass, and percussion

Drosera: the morning dew of the sun for clarinet trio


Roadless for saxophone quartet


Celestial Seasons for solo cello

Celestial Seasons