Radiation and magnetic fields extend from all forms of life producing an energetic quality unique to their species. By understanding and absorbing these qualities, allowance is made to produce musical colors in relation to the unique personalities of environmental beings. As we receive happiness and joy from the aroma of a rose and the sight of a sunflower, we also absorb vibrations produced by those qualities.

Vibrations are atomic waves of energy felt, heard, and in extreme cases, visualized by sentient beings. A sound wave is an energetic vibration with pitch, volume, attack, and decay. Energy is a mystical existence that produces vibrations of sustenance essential to all forms of life. Plants are living beings who receive energy, transform energy, produce energy, grow, move, live, and die.

As animals of ego and logic, human beings have developed to a state of extreme disconnect and apathy towards plants as sentient beings, not only as singularly responsible for our total existence, but as brothers sharing life on Earth.